The Power of Words …

By: Shonneia Marie Adams

Have you ever wondered, “why do I do the things I do?” “Why do I react the way that I react?” “Why do I think the way that I think?” “Why do I feel the way that I feel?” “Why do I believe what I believe?” The answer is hidden in “The Power of Words.”

Words shape our belief in others and ourselves. Our belief shapes our view of the world and what we perceive. Our perceptions of the words develop our emotional bank account. How we treat others is a direct result of the words that have been deposited into our emotional bank account. The words and even unspoken gestures deposited into our lives speak volumes and shape who we are and who we become. Whether we will give love or hate, a smile or a frown, give or take, feel joy or sadness, happiness or pain, abuse others or show kindness, is a direct result of the words that we have received.

Those that have accomplished great things in life have often stated that because they were told “that they could do and be whatever they desired to be,” they had no limits. They had the confidence within to perceive great things, so it didn’t matter what obstacles were sent their way. The perception on the inside was they could do and be whatever they desired. Conversely, those that were told “you will never be anything, your mother wasn’t anything and you’re not different” generally fulfilled those expectations.

A not so wise man said, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Broken bones heal quickly, yet words affect generations. The greatest hurts we have suffered have been the words spoken and deposited into our emotional bank account.

The second most powerful force in the universe is the power of words. With just one breath, words will breathe life or death. One word can inspire hope or cause one to die a dark and painful death. Words shape who we are, out life’s journey, what we will endeavor to accomplish, and what we achieve. Words will also determine how we handle adversity: the obstacles we face, times of despair, unmet goals, and shattered dreams.

The words that are deposited in our emotional bank account become a plus or a minus. They are literally assets or liabilities. Our emotional bank account is synonymous with our mind. It is the heart center, which shapes our character and crystallizes into our destiny. Words will build us up or tear us down.

Before you speak a word, think about how your words will affect the receiving party. What type of deposit will you make? Will your words have a negative or positive impact? Will your words render life or death? Build up or tear down? Count the cost.

It is priceless and powerful to breathe words of life into others, for words transform the speaker and the hearer. Therefore, speak words that will edify, empower and encourage. Select all words cautiously; remember you are making a deposit into someone’s emotional bank account and your own. How do you want to affect others?

To the receiver of words, select the words that you accept as a deposit into your emotional bank. Make a decision to select life or death. Just because a word has been spoken, does not mean that you have to own it. Hear the words spoken and evaluate which words are worthy for deposit.

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